Heat sealing of containers for the food sector.

The technology for the packaging of food products refers to plastic materials, production equipment and packaging processes.
Heat sealing is a sealing process that uses heat and pressure to seal a thermoplastic to another or another compatible material, allowing a totally hermetic closure of the container so that it does not allow air or liquid to pass through.
Containers have become a fundamental element in the food sector, one of the main requirements that is asked of a container is: extend the useful life of the product it contains and the preservation of the organoleptic properties of the food.
To achieve this, in addition to heat sealing, the most used system is by means of an air emptying process, allowing the elimination of the oxygen that remains inside the container to avoid the proliferation of microorganisms, the loss of humidity, and the oxidation of the product in the inside of the container making the food stay protected longer.

For Copack lid heat sealing, Food Packaging has two types of film: shrink wrap and non shrink heat seal, with EVOH functional barrier, good puncture resistance, ultra transparent and gloss and with very good formability, customers can pack their products safely, maintaining their freshness and quality, as well as a very good presentation of their products placed on the market.

What is Copack, Food Packaging?

Copack, Food Packaging is a Spanish company that has 25 years of experience in the food packaging sector, acting as manufacturers of packaging such as shrink bags and vacuum bags and suppliers of plastic film for heat sealing and thermoforming, benefiting many companies from the food sector for the quality and effectiveness of the products it offers, thanks to this food is kept in perfect condition.
The success of this great company is due to the focus it maintains by always offering the best products for food packaging. For this reason, its packaging and plastic films meet the demands of the food industry. Since its inception, the company has maintained the main objective of finding high quality materials to provide high quality plastic packaging and films that protect food as well as ensuring a very good presentation without losing the quality / price ratio.

What products does Copack Packaging Solutions offer?

Due to the great demand for safe containers that maintain freshness and organoleptic properties and protect food from external pollutants, the company offers products such as thermoforming, shrink and non-shrink heat sealing, shrink bag, vacuum bag, special bags for heat treatments all This is to ensure the good condition of the food. Currently, they have included three new production lines, where the manufacture of the VACO HB SHRINK in the form of V for the packaging of cheese wedges, lamb and goat legs, the VACO HB SHRINK in the form of bullets for the packaging of whole hams, and a new high-speed production line to respond to urgent orders, in addition, the VACO HB SHRINK shrink bag allows the packaging of foods such as fresh, frozen or processed meat, fresh or frozen fish, shellfish, cured cheeses, sterilization and cooking
Thanks to the characteristics of the materials offered in Copack, Food Packaging, food can be packaged with all the safety and quality required by the food industry industry.