Active packaging Copack offers solutions to cook or pasteurize in a shrink vacuum packaging in which time and temperatures can be reached such as:

-Cooking up to 1h at 95ºC or up to 6h at 80ºC.

-High pasteurization 70ºC / 80ºC 15/20 min.

-Low pasteurization 65ºC / 68ºC 30/35 min.

In addition to complying with the pasteurization or cooking processes, our special bags designed for this application give a finish with good transparency and good shrinkage, offering a perfect presentation of the product.

Likewise, the food packaged in our retractable vacuum bag will maintain its juiciness, flavor, color and odor since, by carrying EVOH as a high barrier, it avoids the loss of aromas and humidity at the same time that it prevents any type of cross contamination.

In all confidence, the user will be able to give the appropriate treatment that his product requires and achieve the desired results.
Active packaging Copack offers quality functional packaging that meets the needs and demands of demand. Copack Active Packaging's retractable vacuum bags are designed so that the packaged product reaches the end customer in perfect condition.